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Sandra Hill,: Good Vampires Go to Heaven : A Deadly Angels Book

Good Vampires Go to Heaven : A Deadly Angels Book


New York Times bestselling author SANDRA HILL continues her sexy deadly angels series with a good demon who might finally get his vangel wings...WHEN HE WAS BAD ...Two-thousand-year-old vampire demon Zeb is supposed to spend eternity turning mortal sinners into bad guy Lucipires like himself. That way, they can grow their numbers and fight the vampire angels known as Vangels. But Zeb is a bad boy in a good way-secretly working as a double agent for none other than St. Michael the Archangel in hopes of one day earning his wings. Problem is, Zeb's betrayal is discovered. Hello, demon dungeon. HE WAS VERY BAD ...Until Regina, a foxy, flame-haired Vangel witch on a rescue mission, busts out Zeb, along with three oddball Lucipire witches. Hello, temptation! BUT TOGETHER THEY WERE VERY GOOD ...! Their escape unleashes a war to defeat all Vangels forevermore. In an epic madcap battle between good and evil, a Demon just might earn his wings ...and spend eternity with the Vangel of his wildest dreams.

Just like Rinzler s 2010 volume about "Empire Strikes Back, The Making of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi" is an indispensible volume that will add tons of insight to your appreciation of George Good Vampires Go to Heaven : A Deadly Angels Book download PDF Lucas Original Trilogy. Rinzler has gone through masses of production documents at Lucasfilm and interviewed tons of people, and come up with a portrait of Lucas struggling to find a fitting ending to his ambitious, heroic saga. "io9"" Langston Hughes is a titanic figure in 20th-century American literature . . . a powerful interpreter of the American experience. "The Philadelphia Inquirer Graham Norton, whose impish charm and quick wit has earned him a place in our hearts, looks back at his life so far. In his own words, SO ME is 'a real romp through a journey from living in a cockroach-infested council flat in Hackney to buying Claudia Schiffer's townhouse in Manhattan, from my mother dragging me to school to me dragging her to Sharon Stone's house for New Year's brunch'. From a not-so miserable Irish childhood to dropping out of Cork University and joining a commune of hippies in San Francisco, from his disastrous attempts at becoming a serious actor to the rise of his comedy career in London, this is a hilarious, insightful and moving account of a colourful life.

Author: Sandra Hill,
Number of Pages: 384 pages
Published Date: 01 Dec 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780062356567
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