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Angela Wenzel,: 13 Art Techniques Children Should Know

13 Art Techniques Children Should Know


What's the difference between watercolour and gouache, or between a collage and an assemblage? How are frescoes and mosaics made? Why do prints look so different from each other? These questions and others are explored through major works of art in dazzling colour reproductions. Children will learn about drawing through cave paintings and Leonardo's sketches, they will understand how Holbein and van Gogh used oil paints to vastly different effect or what Henri Matisse accomplished with coloured paper and a pair of sharp scissors. Along the way they will be encouraged to make their own masterpieces using similar techniques to the masters.

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Author: Angela Wenzel,
Number of Pages: 48 pages
Published Date: 25 Apr 2013
Publisher: PRESTEL
Publication Country: Munich, Germany
Language: English
ISBN: 9783791371368
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